Sunday, August 30, 2015

Art 451

For this semester, I wanted to explore projection mapping. I had the idea of using paintings that I create and projecting an image or a video on top of the paintings to create a different image. I need to do more research on projection mapping but I think that it could get my meaning of the project across. I wanted the theme to be personal emotions that either I feel or other people feel. Taking the emotion of sadness, anxiety, happiness, ect. I am not sure how large the paintings will end up being.
For the entire class, I would like to see it happen either on or off campus but for the venue I think that it should be a large room. We are going to have so many different types of projects from the class that we will need to accommodate for them. Last year in a digital media class we made our own show of our class projects and we gave the constriction of monochrome colors. I felt like it was too much and didn't give people the opportunity to do exactly what they wanted. I would like to hear other people's ideas about having a theme.