Monday, December 15, 2014

Art 345 Final

For this final project I wanted to take off from my triptych that we did before. I made it into four videos this time instead of three. My main theme for this was bad habits. I chose to use smoking, cracking knuckles, biting nails, and drinking. For each video I filmed about a minute of footage and then edited it to go faster or slower and tinted it blue. I thought that tinting it blue would give it less attention because these bad habits aren’t usually addressed like they should be. Each video has a different sound to it. The smoking has a dial tone because smoking causes health problems that people don’t discover when they are actually smokers, or they do and just ignore it. Dial tones are often ignored also. For the cracking knuckles I used knuckle-cracking sounds. I think to make this more effective the sound had to be louder than what I used. For the biting nails video I used people talking in the background. I needed there to be some white noise and thought that people talking would fit because the sound isn’t usually noticed much just like the dial tone. And for the drinking video I used the original sound that I filmed and added some clinking glass noises. Each video goes the normal speed and way for a couple seconds and then either goes backward or faster. All the videos are differently edited. Putting them on a loop really helps how they are perceived because you can really only focus on one at a time. I really tried to focus on using the program to edit these videos. I wanted there to be a lot of edits to make the videos come alive. Most of the audio was appropriated because what I filmed did not have good enough sound to it. I was inspired by everyday life habits that happen around me. All of these habits have affected someone who I have been close with or myself. Two of them are not as extreme as the others but I still think that they all need light put on them

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