Saturday, December 6, 2014

Curated Show - ART 343

For ART 343 we had to curate a show. When thinking about what the show was going to be and where it was going to be it was hectic. No one could make a decision and come down to a solid idea. When the show ended up being in the little gallery I think that it turned out well. Even though the theme of the show went out the window and not very many people came, it was slightly successful. The food was the best part. The show turned into a plus one show. I could not come up with anyone to be in the show as well. I asked a couple people and some of them were already in a show at the same time or they couldn't come up with anything in time. If I had more time to find someone instead of a week before the show I could have found someone.  I created a blue piece for the show because it was supposed to be monochrome. I used watercolor and used ink to paint flowers on top of it. When all the pieces were hung up the show came together well. But I think that it wasn't fully curated by us. The show was just sort of planned and it came together. We didn't get very many outside artists. Next time I would say we would have to reach out to different artists instead of waiting for them to join in themselves. We needed to have more time when we actually figured out what was going to happen. We only figured out what to do at the very end when we had pretty much the entire semester to get it ready.

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