Monday, October 13, 2014

The Medium of the Massage Art345

This book is a collage styled book with text mixed in. The author, Marshall McLuhan, wants the readers to understand his idea that the actual technology is the message instead of the medium used. He used the example of how clothing is just an extension of the skin and that the book is just an extension of the eye. The extensions are how the technology adds to the capability of what a human can already do. How clothes add to the human body it could be an extension or how the eye reads a book is extending its capabilities. The use of different medias uses all the senses that we are capable of, sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. The human senses bound people to this earth and technology doesn’t need to be there for humans to exist. But it is and it expands on everything that is already living. Technology is pushing our boundaries of what we can learn about the world. It is obvious that if there is a media that uses all of our senses that it will change how we think and perceive things. McLuhan goes over the fact that the new technologies introduced into the world changes how one thinks. There is constantly new media being thrown into households and for everyone to take in. Throughout the book, a lot of the pages are very different from that of a normal book. The type is backwards or the picture is cut off in a strange sort of way. It has big emphasis on how it wants to be perceived.

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