Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Triptych Art345

The main idea for this triptych project is everyday life. I used different scenes that happen in my everyday life. I wanted the two outside videos to be more complicated than the one in the middle. The hands represent how much we have to do in one day and how busy they always are. Whether it is driving, washing hands, writing, or tying on a computer. The video in the middle was to represent how life is passing by quickly and there isn't a way to stop it. The bench keeps swinging while everything else is going on. Video 1 and 3 have everyday actions that go non-stop and life keeps going on. Even the simple things in life that we all have to do take up time. I wanted the audio to be very simple. All the sounds are what was happening in the videos. You can hear the pen tapping and the typing and washing hands. While the outside two videos speed up more and more, the middle video slows down. I wanted it to seem like all the things that I put in this video go by fast and are almost meaningless to use. Washing hands doesn't stay in your brain after you do it or what letters you typed on a keyboard. I think the videos were quite successful. What would have made it more successful would be making the video longer and drawn out. Everything could have been more exaggerated then I made it. When I showed the video to the class I set it up that each video was playing right next to each other. If I didn't do this the person watching would not be able to tell that the outside two videos were speeding up and the other was slowing down. The audio that was used was the original sounds from what the videos were. I did not want to mess with the audio because I wanted it to be pretty simple.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Midterm Instrument and Visual Scores Art 345

For this instrument I wanted it to be similar to a wind chime. I wanted it to have a light sound but also use it to make very loud sounds as well. I chose a bucket as the base because I could hit the bottom of it and use it like a loud drum. I decided to use copper pipes for the wind chime sounds because it was easily available to me. The pipes being strung over the drum made a better sound than the pipes just hanging. I wanted it to be a different variation of a wind chime and I think I accomplished that. In the picture the instrument is taken apart because I had to give the parts back.
Eric had a very simple instrument so I wanted the visual score to be quite simple to read. I wanted to use colors so he would know when to make louder sounds or softer. He could use his shaker instrument to do quite sounds and increase the volume. I started the visual score slow and then let it build into the height of the piece. I used different patterns and lines with color to portray the slower and faster parts of the piece.  After the climax of the piece, I wanted it to wind down so I used swirls to close the piece out.

When Eric brought up the idea of a visual sculpture, I thought that was a different interesting aspect of the project. The visual score he made me was quite easy to understand. The piece was supposed to be read left to right and horizontal. I had different ways to play my instrument, which was great for the score he gave me. I started with a band and then built it up to the middle of the piece, where he wanted me to just go crazy and make chaos of noise. Then the piece repeated itself and brought to a slow close ending with another bang.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Medium of the Massage Art345

This book is a collage styled book with text mixed in. The author, Marshall McLuhan, wants the readers to understand his idea that the actual technology is the message instead of the medium used. He used the example of how clothing is just an extension of the skin and that the book is just an extension of the eye. The extensions are how the technology adds to the capability of what a human can already do. How clothes add to the human body it could be an extension or how the eye reads a book is extending its capabilities. The use of different medias uses all the senses that we are capable of, sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. The human senses bound people to this earth and technology doesn’t need to be there for humans to exist. But it is and it expands on everything that is already living. Technology is pushing our boundaries of what we can learn about the world. It is obvious that if there is a media that uses all of our senses that it will change how we think and perceive things. McLuhan goes over the fact that the new technologies introduced into the world changes how one thinks. There is constantly new media being thrown into households and for everyone to take in. Throughout the book, a lot of the pages are very different from that of a normal book. The type is backwards or the picture is cut off in a strange sort of way. It has big emphasis on how it wants to be perceived.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Digital Media 343 Project 2

This video is meant to show how technology is taking over the use of books. Now with all the electronics that you can get books from, people don't buy as many real books anymore. I used the book The Century of Artists' Books by Johanna Drucker. This book is about how artist books have started to make an impact in the book industry and shows how books are made and the materials used. I took any sound that the video had because it was just white noise. I didn't want this video to have any sound. I used an iPhone to film this video.