Sunday, September 27, 2015

Update Sept 28 451

These past two weeks I focused on really hashing out the details for what my project will center around. I am still going to have the projection but I was thinking about taking out the mapping part that would be on the painting that I did. I started to digitally draw out the face that I am going to use for the animation part of my project. I really focused on the face but then decided that I needed to have the whole body. I want the focus to be on body image and how social media portrays what you should look like. I wanted there to be possibly multiple projections of different types of bodies almost with a camouflage feel to them. This is going to show different skin colors and how skin is never perfectly a solid color. I started to play with the audio, which is taken from different youtube videos taking parts from the videos where women are telling their viewers that they should do this and that to look better, which most of it is completely unnecessary. The audio, I think, will add a lot more to the project than just a projection. The pairing of the body image and the audio of women telling women that they should do things to themselves to look perfect seems to pair well. Also in the future I might want to take this project a step further and put it into book form.  

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