Monday, October 5, 2015

Art 451 October 5th Update

This week I have tried to narrow down my concept and what I want my project to portray. My main idea is to show the pain of body shaming and the way body image affects women through media and words. I wasn't sure what to do for sound so I gathered some youtube video audio of how my concept came along. I have been watching a lot of youtube that has to do with the beauty industry and it is crazy how people listen to every word they say and how you have to look a certain way to be recognized as a "normal" person in today's world. I am having a problem uploading the audio to this blog but I showed it in class to everyone.
I also drew out the first body I want to project. I took the body from a video I found online that had to do with the body types through the ages. This woman's body I took was the ideal body from the Renaissance. Here is the video:
I have done the woman in a silhouette. You can see that I was starting to create a camouflage type of look on her because I wanted her projection to show a lot of different skin types and also show that no one's skin is perfect.

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