Sunday, October 18, 2015

Art451 Update Oct 18

My project has come much farther than it was a couple of weeks ago. The main point of my project is still about body shaming and body image. I have decided on have three bodies that are women projected onto cardboard cutouts that are over 5 feet tall.

The first one from the video is the ideal image of a woman in todays society. The second one is from the victorian era and the third is from the Renaissance. I wanted to bring all three of these bodies into the now and compare them to how society would react to these different bodies in the now. I have decided to cover them in a white cloth and have words project over them. I got a lot of great suggestions of what to do when I presented in class. These are screen shots of what I have so far. I have taken harsh words that are used towards these different body types and animated them to swirl over the bodies. These screenshots are only little parts of the animations. Their skin color will change while the works flow.

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