Monday, October 26, 2015

Tech Rider 451

Art 451 Problems in Digital Media
Fall 2015

In order for us to be able to be well prepared for the presentation of your class project, it is crucial that you fill out this form as accurately as possible!

YOUR NAME(S): Katie Leathley


MEDIUM: Projection onto cardboard cutouts

DESCRIPTION: 100 words max
The concept of my project is to bring up the fact that there is a lot of body shaming towards everyone, especially women. I am using cardboard cutouts of different bodies that are around 5 feet tall and projecting my animations onto the cardboard. The words are specifically chosen that have been used around my friends and I that were not used in a nice way.

PREFERED SPACE: (what type of environment is ideal for the presentation of your work? Gallery, street, hallway, stage, do you require lighting, darkness

My preferred space is a dark room or any dark space that you can see a projection very well.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS that may assist us in best presenting your work:  (be very specific, computers, speakers, headphones, projectors, cables, power strip, extension cords, etc. Also let us know if you are providing any of the equipment necessary for your work)

I will need three projectors and three dvd players. Extension cords with a power strip.

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