Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Art Exhibition Review: RAW

This exhibition, RAW, was located in the Fine Arts building right outside of the Sheppard Gallery. All the works from this show were student artworks. Raw art incases all types of indie artwork that includes photography, visual art, fashion and music. The term raw focuses on the local community but also included inspirations for the world overall.
This show used different medias and had a great variety of works. The majority was sculptural works with many different platforms. A piece that stood out to me was an old worn down dresser with three drawers that were open with different materials in the drawers. The artist wrote their name as h.r.g. in the artwork description. The first part of this piece held pages from a library book, entomology pins, and a frame. This part was called i want to be whole. This part was very simple and used found objects to portray the idea they were trying to get across. The second part was called i know that held carnations, paraffin wax, and an apothecary jar. This sat on top of the old dresser. The third part was called i forgive myself which was in the drawers. It held bleach, shoes, socks, pants, underwear, and a shirt. This piece all together looked natural and inviting because of its simpleness.
Eat Me by Kara Savant was another piece in the show. When far away from the piece, it looked very simple and like a normal scene you would see in a old house. When you get closer to the piece there were three frames with sculptures in them. They were just mouths with human hair in them. It seemed like sarcasm of art on the walls. The human hair threw me off because that is not something you are likely to see on a wall. But I think that was part of the reason that the artist chose to do this. There was a lamp and a chair that made it look inviting but when getting closer it pushed away.

            Overall, this exhibition was very different to look at. I thought that there were strong and weak pieces but it came together with it all in the same space. It worked in the Mcnamara space because it was nice to glance at while walking through the building.
Questions: What does this exhibition mean overall? What caused Kara Savant to make the piece she did?

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