Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Artist Lecture Review: Dr. Cummins Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt in the News: Nefertiti’s Tomb?
Doctor Cummins is very interested in everything that has to do with Egypt. She came across an article that questioned whether or not Nefertiti was buried in the same tomb as King Tut. There are a lot of suspicions why this subject even came up. King Tut’s tomb seemed to be built for a Queen. Her burial has not been found yet and they think this could have potential. King Tut ruled when he was only nine years old. He died so young that his people had not yet prepared his burial for him. His tomb ended up being slightly smaller than other Kings had in the Valley of the Kings. They stuffed everything they could find in it, gold and personal belongings. His tomb was also robbed and messy when they discovered it. When Howard Carter discovered his tomb, they investigated it thoroughly. They found the robbers tunnels in the walls. They had to search for the doors to the other rooms, which were hidden and very small. To get the materials out, they had to make systems to get the belongings out.
            Nick Reeves is the professor that has come up with the idea of Nefertiti being in the same tomb as Tut. He has recreated Tut’s tomb about a mile away from the original so visitors won’t damage the tomb anymore. His first thought is that the tomb was built for a Queen. When you enter the tomb, the room where Tut was placed was to the right of the entry hall. Usually when tombs are built, that room is placed to the right for a Queen. He questions is her tomb is right next to King Tut’s because of this fact. There was artwork all over the walls but the wall that Reeves thinks is connected to Nefertiti’s tomb was slightly different. There was a special artwork that had baboons on the west wall. They meant that they were there to greet the sun and they show up in the first hour in the underworld of death. Reeves also has the suspicion that the mural that is on the unfinished stele was not Tut. It shows the King getting taken into the underworld and shows Ay taking his place to rein. Reeves thinks that all of these paintings of Tut are actually Nefertiti. Reeves has done a lot of research into this theory and has many ways to back up that this could be true.

Questions: What are the facts to back this up? Is it possible to dig and see if she is actually in there?

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