Monday, October 26, 2015

Tech Rider 451

Art 451 Problems in Digital Media
Fall 2015

In order for us to be able to be well prepared for the presentation of your class project, it is crucial that you fill out this form as accurately as possible!

YOUR NAME(S): Katie Leathley


MEDIUM: Projection onto cardboard cutouts

DESCRIPTION: 100 words max
The concept of my project is to bring up the fact that there is a lot of body shaming towards everyone, especially women. I am using cardboard cutouts of different bodies that are around 5 feet tall and projecting my animations onto the cardboard. The words are specifically chosen that have been used around my friends and I that were not used in a nice way.

PREFERED SPACE: (what type of environment is ideal for the presentation of your work? Gallery, street, hallway, stage, do you require lighting, darkness

My preferred space is a dark room or any dark space that you can see a projection very well.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS that may assist us in best presenting your work:  (be very specific, computers, speakers, headphones, projectors, cables, power strip, extension cords, etc. Also let us know if you are providing any of the equipment necessary for your work)

I will need three projectors and three dvd players. Extension cords with a power strip.

Update Art451 October 26

For this project I have figured out that I will most likely need 3 projectors and three dvd players to play my animations from a dvd. I have almost finished the construction on my cardboard cutouts. I had some difficulty because I thought that the fabric I bought would be opaque enough but I had to get white paint and do a couple of coats. I am making small changed to my animation by changing the fonts and the size of some of the words to make them look more powerful. I had some good suggestions in class to make the animations to connect all together but the bodies are all different so I think I am just keep them separated. I want them to be random almost and have them on a loop.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Art451 Update Oct 18

My project has come much farther than it was a couple of weeks ago. The main point of my project is still about body shaming and body image. I have decided on have three bodies that are women projected onto cardboard cutouts that are over 5 feet tall.

The first one from the video is the ideal image of a woman in todays society. The second one is from the victorian era and the third is from the Renaissance. I wanted to bring all three of these bodies into the now and compare them to how society would react to these different bodies in the now. I have decided to cover them in a white cloth and have words project over them. I got a lot of great suggestions of what to do when I presented in class. These are screen shots of what I have so far. I have taken harsh words that are used towards these different body types and animated them to swirl over the bodies. These screenshots are only little parts of the animations. Their skin color will change while the works flow.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Art 451 October 11th update

This is the start of the camouflaged body. I was wanting to project onto a wall or a screen and have the colors be animated and swirl around to give it some depth. I am not really sure how to connect audio to the animation. I was thinking about adding two more bodies to have different types of proportions because right now i only have one body type. I have to go much more in depth to what I want this project to look like because right now, if you saw it displayed, no one would know it was about body shaming. I might change the camouflage idea to different words.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Art 451 October 5th Update

This week I have tried to narrow down my concept and what I want my project to portray. My main idea is to show the pain of body shaming and the way body image affects women through media and words. I wasn't sure what to do for sound so I gathered some youtube video audio of how my concept came along. I have been watching a lot of youtube that has to do with the beauty industry and it is crazy how people listen to every word they say and how you have to look a certain way to be recognized as a "normal" person in today's world. I am having a problem uploading the audio to this blog but I showed it in class to everyone.
I also drew out the first body I want to project. I took the body from a video I found online that had to do with the body types through the ages. This woman's body I took was the ideal body from the Renaissance. Here is the video:
I have done the woman in a silhouette. You can see that I was starting to create a camouflage type of look on her because I wanted her projection to show a lot of different skin types and also show that no one's skin is perfect.